Keadue, Co. Roscommon - Award Winning Town

Church of the Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary

(St. Mary's, Keadue)

The parish church of Kilronan in Keadue is a Gothic Revival Church designed by J.J. McCarthy, a notable architect of the 19th century. Daniel O'Connell, grandson of "The Liberator", was also involved as an architect in the early part of the project.

The site for the church as well as some financial assistance was given by the Landlord, E. King Tenison Esq. of Kilronan Castle. The foundation stone was laid on 15th August 1860 by Bishop Kilduff and the church was dedicated on 8th September 1885 by Bishop Woodlock.
The stained glass windows in the sanctuary add to the beauty and prayerfulness of the church. The patron saints of the parish of Kilronan, St. Ronan and his daughter St. Lasair are commemorated in the windows in the side chapel.
Bishop Cahal B. Daly (later Cardinal) donated and dedicated the altar in memory of his father, Charles Daly, who was a native of Keadue, at the renovation of the church in 1981.
To build such a magnificent church, in a rural setting so soon after the Great Famine, and in a time of poverty and strife, is a testament to the faith and courage of the people of Kilronan and their pastors. .

Church c.1960